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Mixing & Mastering

Every track that's ever been published  went through some kind of a mixing process. During this process, the goal is to balance dynamics,  colour sound and tastefully add effects to give your listener an optimal experience.  

This service is meant for anyone trying to get to the next level with their songs/sound recordings. 

The studio is optimized to make working together over the internet easy and quick. You can simply upload your files via email for Justin and receive your mix/master after a few days. From there, additional revisions can be made.


You keep mixing the stuff up until it blows up on you, or it becomes this incredible potion." Be in control. Know who you are. And don't try to be different just to be different.”

— Bruno Mars

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Mix And Master.
  • Mix And Master.
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.Wav 1- 48 Track Stem Mix Includes : EQ, Compression, Vocal Tuning, Effects, Balancing, Gain Staging, Advanced External Processing, 4 Revisions. (3-5 Day Turnaround) Delivered By Email. Payment @Paypal & Email Transfer.

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  • Master
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.WaV Master Includes : EQ, Compression, Dynamics, Tape Processing, Balancing, Finalizing. (1-2 Day Turnaround) Delivered By Email.

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Shot, Coloured Mixed & Mastered By @Petty Boy Osley
Edited By @ Golden Bsp


Shot & Edited By @ Petty Boy Osley & Saint Mylo
Mix & Master By @ Petty Boy Osley

Shot By @ Dwayne Han
Edited & Coloured By @ Petty Boy Osley
Mix & Master By @ Adam Stanton